Sunday, July 15, 2007


What is life all about?
It is a game of:
1. Making Decisions
2. Proceed to next level if we attain any of the following states
a. Accepting Failure
b. Not caring what others think about what we do at this level
c. When we actually achieve it there is no charm or the extreme pleasure we thought we would get before starting out on it... a.k.a. things dont seem gratifying once achieved.
d. not regretting and living with any decision be it

The above maybe rudimentary to a game's progress but the challenges deserving bonuses are--
1. making the decisions in time.
2. choosing between oxmoronic, paradoxic, catch22 situations..
3. making the decision which you do not like because you have to ( like getting hurt now to be able to unlock a gate before killing the opponent)
4. Being convinced of one's own decisions.

This is the decision philosophy in which our human brain and emotions play in and what makes us different from machines and puts in the essence of life in us...

decisions, this or that, to be or not to be, shall i or shaint i...

my current decisions to be being, which job to join?

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descrying the shadows said...

Did you come up with this??? wow!